Website Terms of Use

Alta Grafico, created the website, which offers its services under the following terms of use. The visitor or user of the pages of the website is urged to carefully read the following terms. Existing, as well as new services included on the website are subject to these terms of use.

1. The Company tries to ensure that the information and data on the website are integrated. However, given the nature of the Internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, the Company is not responsible for any form of damage suffered by the visitor or user.
2. The Company tries to ensure that the website is secure but does not guarantee that the information cannot be subjected to harmful codes or components with destructive potential for the user or visitor's device. It is the sole responsibility of each user to apply Antivirus protection and to secure their information and system.
3. The Company does not hold any responsibility, regarding third party websites that are link-connected.
4. The visitor or user is obliged to comply with the rules of Greek and International Law and stay away from any use that is illegal and contrary to good morals.

It is hereby agreed that in the event that any administrative or judicial action is brought against the Company, resulting from any form of violation by a user or visitor of the website, the user or visitor who committed the violation has the obligation to both intervene in the relevant proceedings and to compensate the Company, in case it is obliged to pay compensation or other expenses.

1. This contract of use is governed by the provisions of the Greek Law, the directives and Regulations of the European Law and the relevant international provisions and is interpreted based on the rules of good faith, transactional ethics and the economic and social purpose of the law.
2. If a provision is deemed contrary to the law and is therefore invalid or void, it automatically ceases to be valid, without in any case affecting the validity of other terms.
3. No modification of the terms of this contract will be considered and will not be part of it, if it has not been formulated in writing and has not been incorporated in it.
4. The competent Courts for any disputes arising on this contract are the Courts of Athens.

The website is provided by the company Alta Grafico SA and is available only to individuals over 16 years of age. If you do not qualify, you cannot use the website.


Alta Grafico reserves the right to review and update these Terms of Use at any time. Your continued use of the Website following any changes to these Terms of Use constitutes your acceptance of those changes. Every component of the Website can be modified, supplemented, deleted or updated without any notice, at the sole discretion of Alta Grafico.

All content on the website including, without limitation, texts, news, graphics, photos, diagrams, images, services and generally any kind of files are under copyright and are governed by national, European and international copyright provisions. Therefore, the reproduction, republishing, copying, saving, sale, transmission, distribution, publication, execution, download, translation and modification of any part of the website is strictly prohibited, without the prior written consent of Alta Grafico. The registered trademarks and names on this website are registered trademarks and are protected by the prementioned copyright provisions.


Alta Grafico has advertisements as well as display of material with advertising content. Alta Grafico bears no responsibility to users, for any inaccuracy or inability to comply with the laws and regulations of any country or the European Union in relation to the content of the ads. It is not obliged to examine and does not examine the legitimacy or not of the advertising material displayed on the website or its services (apart from the obvious cases of insult that would be perceived by the average prudent citizen) and therefore, it cannot be held responsible for any of it. This responsibility rests with the advertisers, sponsors or creators of this promotional material, who are also responsible towards the user or consumer for their products or services, as well as for the necessary warranties, licenses, registrations and product or services’ labels. Alta Grafico has no responsibility for the communication between users and third-party service providers that are advertised and for any commercial transaction that may arise from their relationship.