One of our company’s main Policies and commitments is the fulfillment of our obligations towards our clients, in order to fully meet their needs, through an integrated and organized environment. An environment that aims to constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Management System.

The development, improvement, progress and success of our company are factors that directly depend on our customers. These factors should be based on the high quality of our products and services, in order to meet the demands and exceed our customers’ expectations.

ALTA GRAFICO, in order to stay true to its commitments, sets the following objectives, inviting its people to contribute and together, keep our promise:

  • Constant customer satisfaction improvement
  • Constant quality improvement of our produced products, services and the projects we undertake
  • Implementation, maintenance and constant improvement of our installed Quality Management System
  • Product and services delivery, that cover our obligations and meet all legislative and regulatory requirements

ALTA GRAFICO commits to never get involved directly or indirectly in the following activities:

  • Illegal logging, illegal timber or wood product trading
  • Human rights violation, in forestry operations
  • Destruction of values that must be highly protected during forestry operations
  • Transformation of forests into plantations
  • Import of genetically modified species or organisms in forestry operations
  • Violation of any conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO), as declared in the ILO Declaration on fundamental rights and work rights

Achieving these objectives requires:

  • The adoption and implementation of continuous improvement practices, with the active involvement of all employees
  • The inspection and monitoring of the company’s processes, if and when necessary, to solve problems and eliminate mistakes and errors
  • The empowerment of teamwork and cooperation spirit, between departments and employees
  • The training, improvement and satisfaction of our people, given that they are our main resource and the ones that work to meet our clients’ needs

Every employee is responsible, in their field of work obligations, to implement and maintain the FSC Policy and the Management System, as well as its constant improvement.

As to child labor, forced labor, discrimination, freedom of unionism and the right to collective bargaining, ALTA GRAFICO declares:

  • We do not employ people under the age of 15.
  • No employee under the age of 18 is ever involved in any dangerous or heavy labor, except for educational purposes, according to approved national Laws and Regulations.
  • We forbid the worst forms of child labor.
  • Our work relationships are voluntary and are based on mutual consent, free of any sanction threats.
  • We ensure zero discrimination and we empower equal work and development opportunities, to all of our employees.
  • There is no evidence of forced or compulsory labor, including but not limited to:
  • Physical and sexual violence
  • Forced labor
  • Wage, contributions, gifts and allowances withholding
  • Mobility and movement limitation
  • Passport and identification documents withholding
  • Threat of reporting to the Authorities
  • ALTA GRAFICO employees can establish or join worker’s organizations of their choice.
  • We respect our employees right to engage in lawful activities, related to the formation, membership or support of a labor organization or abstain from them and we don’t discriminate or punish employees for exercising these rights.
  • We negotiate with legal employee organizations and/or elected representatives in good faith, making every effort to reach a collective bargaining agreement.
  • Where there are collective agreements are applied.

ALTA GRAFICO supports the verification of transactions carried out by the certification and accreditation body Accreditation Services International (ASI), providing transaction samples of FSC documents, as they are requested by the certification body.


The General Manager

Date: 11 March 2022