Graphic arts, where art meets craft.
In our field, an idea can take many forms, such as text, design, image.
Using the right techniques, this form can grow into a book, a poster, a box.
At Alta Grafico, we combine creativity, technology and expertise, to give life to every idea
and offer you the result you always dreamed of.

“The set of methods and techniques
used for design, artistic curation,
printing and text and image reproduction”



Its legal form changes to SA. It is now starting to establish itself as one of the best printing houses, with a production capacity that can cover a wide range of customers.


We invest in new equipment and expand our products, to boxes, bags, packaging, large prints (banners, stickers) and more.


We move to the Red Mill of BIO.PA, in Ano Liossia, in a specially designed space of 2,500 sq.m., with modern specifications. Our mechanical equipment is completely replaced (using our own funds) with new, state-of-the-art machinery.
We are now part of our country’s elite printing houses, covering almost all production stages of any printed material.


We invest in GMG color software, the most integrated color management system.


On April of this year, our company is certified with the Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015.


On March of 2020, our company is certified with the FSC Standard.

Our principles,

consistency and quality.

Our principles, consistency and quality. From conceptualizing an idea, to its final printed form that will end up in your hands,
Alta Grafico's team works daily, methodically and on schedule,
following the latest market trends.
Our goal? The best “graphic” version of your company!